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February 2016
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Hall-Stand 5-318
Conrad stocks two-channel digital
storage oscilloscope from Tektronix
Conrad Business Supplies has started stock-
ing a new 30 MHz two-channel digital storage
oscilloscope from leading manufacturer of test
and measurement equipment, Tektronix. The
TBS1032B - exclusively available at Conrad -
is well-suited to customers in the educational,
automotive and industrial sectors who are
looking for a low bandwidth solution which
delivers excellent value, without compromising
on features. This new device will join Conrad’s
selection of over 350 digital oscilloscopes from
Tektronix and many other leading brands.
Hall-Stand 4-310
PLS simplifies development with
complex heterogeneous high-end SoCs
PLS Programmierbare Logik & Systeme has
not only expanded the latest version of its
Universal Debug Engine with a number of
additional trace and debugging functions,
but has also added completely new features
for test automation. This now enables users
to utilize the enormous performance of the
newest multicore System-on-Chip fami-
lies, with as few restrictions as possible. The
UDE 4.6, which PLS is presenting for the
first time at embedded world 2016 supports
a wide range of different architectures and
new device families such as: the Power Archi-
tecture-based SPC58 E series and the ARM
Cortex-M7 core-based STM32F7 series from
STMicroelectronics, the XMC4800 devices
from Infineon, which are the first-ever ARM
Cortex-M4-based microcontrollers with Eth-
erCAT integrated, and the Zynq-7000 family
from Xilinx, which is equipped with a dual-
core ARM Cortex-A9 and additional FPGA.
The Universal Emulation Configurator of the
UDE for definition of trace-based measure-
ment tasks has been expanded with a library
for the Mini-MCDS (Multi-Core Debug
Solution) of the current AURIX devices from
Infineon. This means that some of the diag-
nostic possibilities, which until now were only
offered by special Emulation Devices, are now
available for the first time in production chips.
A JTAG standard debug interface or Debug
Access Port on the target is the only require-
ment for the use of this feature.
Hall-Stand 4-250
Vector Software releases VectorCAST 6.4
Vector Software announced the release of
VectorCAST version 6.4, the most advanced
test automation platform for C/C++ and
Ada development. VectorCAST 6.4 includes
a host of new features and enhancements in
data aggregation, reporting, usability, and tool
Hall-Stand 4-658
GrammaTech and the Navy take
a SMAC at cyber-security
GrammaTech has been funded by the Navy
to continue its research on Scenario-Based
Modeling and Checking (SMAC), an
approach to defending software applications
against cyber-security attack – benefiting
the communications, finance, logistics, and
other commercial industries under attack
today from cyber criminals. Today’s software
applications, expected to operate with mini-
mal human oversight, have the potential to
act erratically after being hacked, exposing
critical data or harming physical equipment
and humans.
Hall-Stand 4A-338
Lynx brings military grade
security to the IoT
Lynx Software Technologies is delivering
demonstrations and a presentation at the
10th Embedded Conference, Stockholm,
showing how its Lynx RTOS and LynxSe-
cure virtualization solutions offer unique
safety and security functionality while
embracing open standards. This is the third
year in succession that Lynx is participat-
ing the event, which is celebrating its tenth
anniversary in 2015.
Hall-Stand 4-270
Express Logic and EnSilica to bring
ThreadX RTOS to eSi-RISC processor cores
EnSilica and Express Logic have collaborated
to port Express Logic’s ThreadX real-time oper-
ating system to EnSilica’s eSi-RISC family of
silicon-proven, highly configurable embedded
processor cores. ThreadX ease-of-use is facili-
tated by its intuitive, highly functional API and
advanced, instant-on RTOS features. ThreadX
features efficient real-time responsiveness and
code compactness that appeal to developers of
the most demanding, deeply embedded con-
sumer and industrial electronics.
Hall-Stand 4-238
SEGGER: maximum insight with
free real-time analysis tool
SEGGER announce the release of SystemView,
a free tool enabling the visual analysis of any
embedded system. SystemView gives com-
plete insight into the behavior of a program,
with minimal side effects on the observed
embedded system. SystemView offers cycle
accurate tracing of interrupts and task start
stop as well as task activation and API calls
when an RTOS is used. It visualizes and ana-
lyzes CPU load by task and interrupts and
scheduler. Test setups with LED and oscillo-
scope are a thing of the past.
Hall-Stand 4-260
Altium: new release of TASKING
compiler suite for ARM
Altium has announced a new release of its
TASKING compiler suite for ARM, extend-
ing its support for many new ARM Cortex-M
based microcontrollers, including Cortex-M7
variants. This new compiler suite is available
now and all existing customers with a mainte-
nance contract can upgrade to the new release
for free on the TASKING website.
Hall-Stand 4-541
LieberLieber Embedded Engineer 2.0
offers generation of C++ source code
LieberLieber Embedded Engineer for Enter-
prise Architect has been developed as part
of the tool chain for the development of
Embedded Systems, since only with an inte-
grated solution can model-driven approaches
in embedded software development be effi-
ciently applied. Embedded Engineer Version
2.0 offers improved code generation from
ANSI-C code from UML structures, state
machines and activity models, as well as –
brand new – the generation of C++ source
Hall-Stand 1-620
PEAK-System: optical LIN bus
connection for explosion-risk
areas and for EMC tests
In order to use the LIN field bus also in areas
subject to explosion hazards or to electromag-
netic susceptibility (e.g. during EMC mea-
surements), PEAK-System has developed the
PLIN-LWL. This can be used to substitute a
segment of the electrical LIN bus by fiber
optic cable. A PLIN-LWL set contains two
converter modules and a duplex FO cable
with standard ST connectors.
Hall-Stand 4-170
SYSGO: Siemens chooses PikeOS
Hypervisor for electric cars
Siemens has chosen the PikeOS Hypervisor
for its new electronics and software platform
for electric cars. As seen in aviation technol-
ogy, standardized hardware and software mod-
ules provide the basis for a unified computing
architecture that can replace function-spe-
cific controller modules (ECUs). The PikeOS
Hypervisor serves as the backbone of the soft-
ware architecture. As a virtualization platform
with hard real-time characteristics, PikeOS
enables a predefined set of functions according
to the plug-and-play principle. The new plat-
form provides plenty of scope for individual
product bundling. The first customer to make
use of these advantages is Deutsche Post sub-
sidiary StreetScooter from Aachen.
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