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February 2016
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ity for both hardware and software develop-
ers. In a similar manner, the development
toolkit for the Synergy Platform integrates a
high level of RTOS awareness to match tra-
ditional hardware tracing capabilities. The
SSP is built around Thread-X, a widely used
multitasking RTOS. To trace RTOS func-
tionality over time, developers need to view
correlation between different operations. To
accomplish this task the Synergy design team
implemented Express Logic TraceX, a host-
based analysis tool that gives developers a
graphical view of real-time system events
allowing them to better visualize how their
system operates.
By tracking the occurrence of system events
such as interrupts and context switches, devel-
opers using TraceX can identify the timing of
events in the context of overall system oper-
ation and more easily resolve programming
problems. TraceX works with ThreadX, which
constructs a database of system and applica-
tion events on the target system during run-
time. Events are logged with time-stamps and
active threads are identified so they can be
displayed later with a proper time sequence
and associated with the appropriate thread.
TraceX displays events graphically on a hori-
zontal access representing time with the vari-
ous application threads and system routines to
which events are related listed along a vertical
access. A summary display helps a developer
analyze systems with many threads by show-
ing all system events on a single horizontal
line. Taken together with the traditional hard-
ware debug capabilities of the environment,
these capabilities give developers using the
Synergy Platform tracing capability on both
the hardware and the RTOS level.
Finally, the e2 studio ISDE works directly
with the SSP via the secure source builder and
debugger utilities to manage visibility into
protected SSP source files, accounting for pur-
chased source license files where appropriate
and enabling users to always see the source C
code but to modify/ save/print only the source
files that are licensed.
Figure 4. Extensive debug capabilities in both the system RTOS, Thread-X, and TraceX, a
host-based analysis tool allow developers to quickly resolve programming issues.
Hall-Stand 4-303
ANSYS: simulation solutions
offer improvements in produc-
tivity, insight and performance
ANSYS 17.0, the next generation of ANSYS
engineering simulation solutions delivers
improvements to product development pro-
ductivity, insight and performance. Sim-
ulation has been identified as one of the
key pillars of the next industrial revolution,
known as Industry 4.0. With the advent of
the Internet of Things all products are getting
smarter, new advanced materials are enabling
lighter, stronger and more sustainable designs,
and additive manufacturing enables users to
3-D print anything they can imagine. Unlock-
ing the power of these trends is impossible
without simulation tools’ ability to virtually
explore these vastly increased options to
arrive at the winning designs of tomorrow.
Hall-Stand 1-338
Wind River teams with IBM to accelerate
edge-to-cloud IoT deployments
Wind River is collaborating with IBM to accel-
erate IoT deployments for industrial custom-
ers with new “edge-to-cloud” recipes designed
to simplify and accelerate the development
of smart connected devices. The new recipes
guide customers on how to integrate services
from IBM Watson IoT Cloud Platform with
products from the Wind River Helix portfo-
lio. Industrial customers using the recipes will
now be able to connect industrial devices run-
ning Wind River software to the IBM Watson
IoT Cloud Platform and access to IBM Blue-
mix cloud services and analytics, allowing IoT
developers to more quickly and easily develop
smart connected devices.
Hall-Stand 4-149
AdaCore: SPARK Pro 16 helps reduce
certification effort for safety-critical systems
AdaCore announced the latest release of its
SPARK Pro integrated development and
verification environment, bringing a sound
and mathematics-based static analysis tech-
nology to the challenges of software verifica-
tion for high-assurance systems. SPARK Pro
16 provides enhanced coverage of SPARK
2014 language features and now supports
the Ravenscar tasking profile, thus extend-
ing the benefits of formal verification meth-
ods to a safe subset of Ada 2012 concurrent
programming features.
Hall-Stand 1-211
Innodisk: new software monitors
SSD more efficiently
Innodisk’s latest SSD software iSMART 5.0
features new user interfaces, dashboard fea-
ture and iAnalyzer. Innodisk’s iSMART 5.0 is
designed to simplify information and provide
an easy to read interface for all of our users.
The iSMART tool monitors the health and
lifespan of Innodisk’s SSD, provides details
on usage patterns, and sets up alert settings
before it reaches failure. With iSMART, our
customers can properly integrate Innodisk’s
SSDs into their solutions by carefully moni-
toring behavior and health during develop-
ment, integration, and mass production.
Hall-Stand 4-218
R&S: oscilloscope highlights
at embedded world 2016
At embedded world 2016, Rohde & Schwarz
will again showcase its ever expanding oscil-
loscope portfolio. At the Rohde & Schwarz
booth, visitors can get a first-hand look at
the new R&S Scope Rider, the first hand-
held oscilloscope to offer the functionality
and user experience of a state-of-the-art
lab oscilloscope. One of the highlights will
be the new R&S Scope Rider, the first por-
table oscilloscope for mobile use with the
functionality of a lab instrument. The R&S
Scope Rider packs five test instruments into
a compact format: a lab oscilloscope, logic
analyzer, protocol analyzer, data logger and
digital multimeter. Its robust design makes
it perfect for mobile installation and main-
tenance work. The fully insulated instru-
ment meets measurement category CAT IV
requirements and can be used to perform
measurements at the source of low-voltage
installations up to 600 V.
Embedded World
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