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February 2016
Matthias Leutiger:
A spare battery and a car adapter for charging the
battery are also available.
What is the pricing like for the new handheld?
Mathias Leutiger:
We are at a level similar to that of the competition
in terms of pricing. With that being said, we are offering an instrument
that is unrivalled when it comes to performance, versatility and usabil-
ity. In other words, our customers get the high-quality T&M equipment
that Rohde & Schwarz is known for at a price prevailing in this class of
handhelds. We do not want to be the niche player whose instruments
are considered affordable only for special applications.
You are entering the market with the claim “Two minutes to
be sure.” What is the message behind that?
Mathias Leutiger:
We need only two minutes to convince users that our
instrument meets all of their needs. Similar to someone getting a feel for
their affinity with another person shortly after meeting for the first time.
What channels will be used for selling the instrument?
Mathias Leutiger:
We will be building up a broad distribution network,
ranging from catalog sales to online dealers.
Jörg Fries:
The R&S Scope Rider represents a strong pillar in our Value
Instruments offering. It features clear and intuitive functionality. Part-
ners will therefore find it easy to sell the product. We want to establish a
broad base and remain open for all partners. The Internet business will
certainly play a greater role in the future, and new players will enter the
market. The market is currently developing with high momentum, and
all stakeholders involved can profit from that.
Thank you very much.
Hall-Stand 4-432
LDRA chosen as Express Logic’s preferred
partner for functional safety
LDRA announced that Express Logic selected LDRA as a preferred
partner for automotive and rail certification. Express Logic chose
LDRA because of LDRA’s extensive certification experience and the
ability of its tools to achieve the additional verification requirements
of ISO 26262 and EN 50128. The LDRA tool suite, known for its com-
prehensive software test and verification capabilities, reaches above and
beyond competitive products to offer customers the most complete
compliance capabilities on the market.
Hall-Stand 1-620
PEAK-System: pass-thru support for PEAK CAN interfaces
The international standard SAE J2534 (Pass-Thru) defines the com-
munication interface between electronic control units and computer
software being used for programming and diagnostics. With the pro-
gramming interface PCAN-PassThru API, PEAK-System publishes an
implementation of this standard for Windows.
Hall-Stand 4-609
EUROS: security solution for OPC UA
EUROS Embedded Systems announces its innovative, combined
hardware and software cryptographic solution, especially developed
to be used in industrial environments, where the need for a secure
data encryption is mandatory. n particular, EUROS Security was
designed to be used as data encryption platform in an OPC UA envi-
ronment in order to replace the normally used OpenSSL encryption
mechanism, which usually relies on software encryption solutions
based on pseudo-random number generators.
Hall-Stand 4-259
IS2T now operates under the brand MicroEJ
In order to clarify and strengthen its identity and present a unique
face to the world, Industrial Smart Software Technology (IS2T) is now
operating under the brand name MicroEJ. Although the company
legal name remains IS2T and will be used in formal documents (con-
tracts, agreements, quotations, etc.), the company will present itself
as MicroEJ.
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