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February 2016
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Hall-Stand 1-221
Axiomtek: Celeron-based 2-slot
fanless Embedded system
Axiomtek has launched IPC922-215-FL, an
energy-efficient fanless 2-slot industrial sys-
tem with rugged mechanism and optimized
expandability. The extreme compact IP30-
rated IPC922-215-FL utilizes an onboard Intel
Celeron quad core processor J1900 2.42GHz
with one DDR3L 1333 up to 8 GB memory. To
fulfill difference application needs, the rugged
Intel Bay Trail SoC barebone embedded system
provides great expansion capability with two
flexible PCI/PCIe slots that can be customized.
Hall-Stand 1-554
ADL: rugged, MIL-STD 810
removable 2.5” SATA drive
ADL Embedded Solutions announced its new
ADLRHD-1650 removable hard drive sub-as-
sembly. The ADLRHD-1650 has been devel-
oped for military and industrial use scenarios
that can benefit fromMIL-STD 810 shock and
vibration durability but also requires frequent
SATA drive removal or swapping for data
retrieval, maintenance, security and other
Hall-Stand 4A-101
Mouser: BeagleBone Green
Dev Board now shipping
Mouser Electronics is now stocking the highly
anticipated BeagleBone Green, a Linux-based
development board from BeagleBoard.org and
Seeed Studio. The BeagleBone Green updates
the popular BeagleBone Black, retaining the
AM335x 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor
from Texas Instruments. Rather than keeping
the BeagleBone Black’s HDMI connector and
chip, the Beagle-Bone Green contains Seeed
Studio’s plug-and-play Grove connectors. With
this new board, Seeed Studio looks to help
developers and designers capitalize on Seeed’s
modular Grove system and the board’s general
purpose I/O expansion capabilities.
Hall-Stand 2-340
Portwell: PICMG 1.3 SHB with latest
Intel XEon and Core processors
Portwell announced the ROBO-8113VG2AR,
a PICMG 1.3 System Host Board (SHB) offer-
ing a choice of the latest 6th generation Intel
Core i3 processor product family or the Intel
Xeon processor E3-1200 v5 product family.
The Intel Xeon processors include Intel Turbo
Boost Technology 2.0 and Intel Hyper-Thread-
ing Technology to deliver improved perfor-
mance and processing efficiency. Portwell’s
ROBO-8113VG2AR implements flexible PCI
Express Gen 3 expansions with a choice of
one PCIE x16, two PCIE x8, or one PCIE x8
and two PCIE x4 with dedicated processor
SKU, which is ideal for a range of applications,
such as Industrial Automation, Digital Sig-
nage and Medical.
Hall-Stand 2-218
Advantech: 10.4” industrial
multi-touch display kit
Advantech announces the launch of IDK-
1110P 10.4” industrial multi-touch display
kit. Advantech IDK-1110P features a 1024 x
768 high definition display for better visual
performance and is designed with Project
Capacitive Touch technology that allows up to
five-point simultaneous touches for smooth
operation. This 10.4” display kit extends the
benefits of the current IDK series, providing
cost-effective display solutions with proven
compatibility with Advantech embedded
boards and systems. IDK-1110P can be used
for edge-to-edge applications, making it rug-
gedized and easy to maintain.
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