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February 2016
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Box, because it is a stand alone system which
can monitor the whole system health. The
occurring errors or log files can be analyzed
in laboratory for eliminating further fail-
ures. The existing data base of industry PCs
together with corresponding evaluation and
analyze tools make the system complete and
support a trouble-free function and mainte-
nance of Industry 4.0.
Aggregating the data available is the main
target of an IoT gateway – but there has to
be a complete solution with a framework.
Taking a deeper look is key for getting the
data into a complete framework and back-
end with databases and analytics, where
you can start and improve your IoT intel-
ligence. Commands can be sent directly to
the machine via CAN or GPOs. Nodes can
be managed, updated and addressed or
configured by the framework. GATEBox
100 seamlessly integrates into existing IoT
frameworks and enriches the complete
system with enabling new data.
System design and their components – the
right view to match industrial needs with
right solutions is based on profound experi-
ence in embedded computing. To rely on the
system without taking care about mainte-
nance, failures and standardizations of indus-
trial PCs keeps on track for core competences
and avoids long internal development cycles.
Having the final application in mind b-plus
develops robust hardware from prototype to
production. Nowadays the hardware has to
face environmental requirements while being
precision-tailored to individual needs.
Figure 5. SIODI software architecture
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Axiomtek: secure your industrial
networks with robust industrial firewall
Axiomtek has launched IFW330, an inte-
grated industrial 3-port firewall with NAT/
VPN/router all-in-one designed to keep your
automation networks safe and secure. As we
enter the era of IoT, the rise in cyberattacks
in industrial appliances as resulted in cyber
security becoming a central concern amongst
industrial automation and control system
users and vendors.
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EKF: peripheral slot card for
CompactPCI Serial systems
EKF introduces the SD3-GLISS, a periph-
eral slot card for CompactPCI Serial systems,
equipped with a quad-channel PCI Express
to SATA 6Gbps controller, and four on-board
sockets for mSATA solid state drives. With a
capacity available of up to 1TB as of current,
mSATA is a popular embedded storage module
form factor.
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IEI: Tablet PC certificated by
Microsoft Azure IoT
IEI announce that the ICECARE-10W is the first
table PC to be certified by Microsoft Azure for
Internet of Things, ensuring customers get IoT
solutions up and running quickly with hardware
and software that have been pre-tested and veri-
fied to work with Microsoft Azure IoT services.
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ADL: Intel E3800-series, industrial
IoT-ready 3.5-inch SBC
ADL Embedded Solutions has announced
its ADLE3800HDC 3.5” SBC. The ADLE-
3800HDC is based on Intel’s first System-on-
Chip E3800-series Atom processors which
use Intel’s 22nm 3D Tri-gate process. It offers
vastly superior compute performance and
energy efficiency and Intel’s 7th generation
graphics engine for stunning graphics perfor-
mance. Improved power management capa-
bilities result in standby power measured in
milliwatts with days of standby time.
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