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February 2016
Hall-Stand 1-310
AAEON: Micro-ATX line leverages 6th gen Intel
Core CPU for massive enhancements
AAEON leverages 6th gen Intel Core CPU technology in bringing
massive enhancements to the IMBM-Q170A industrial motherboard,
the first entry in the company’s Micro-ATX product line with the new
chips. Powered by the S-variant of the processors, the new chips now
grant the board support for more voluminous and advanced mem-
ory, namely the DDR4 memory, with the maximum capacity of 64
GB (divided among 4 RAM slots). The memory itself features faster
transfer speeds while using less energy, thus reducing the overall
power consumption of the system.
Hall-Stand 2-353
Vecow: fanless Embedded system for
SuperSpeed USB vision applications
Vecow launches her latest embedded elite for SuperSpeed USB vision
applications, SPC-2900 Series Ultra Compact Fanless Embedded Sys-
tem. With all-in-one designs, ultra-integrated functions, compact
size, multiple I/O onboard, user-friendly, smart manageability, wide
range power input, trusted compatibility powered by Renesas USB
technology and rugged reliability in harsh environments to make
easy implementation possible, Vecow SPC-2900 Series Ultra Com-
pact Fanless Embedded System is your smart choices for Machine
Vision, Automation Optical Inspection (AOI), Vision Inspection,
Motion Control, Packing Inspection, Industry 4.0 and any Internet of
Thing multiple USB 3.0 Vision applications.
Hall-Stand 5-445
Telit: LTE IoT modules expand 4G portfolio
in CAT-1 and CAT-4 standards
Telit announced five new LTE IoT modules, one category 4 (CAT-
4) and four category 1 (CAT-1), the new IoT focused standard, that
includes three North American and one European models. These
new LTE products expand the 4G portfolio led by the LE866-SV1,
launched as the industry’s smallest dual-band, single-mode LTE
CAT-1 offering at 15x25mm. Developed for use with North American
wireless network carriers, the LE866-SV1, LE910-SV1, LE910-NA1,
and the LE910-EU1 for Europe all leverage existing LTE technology
aligned with carriers’ plans to support the CAT-1 standard in their
respective markets.
Hall-Stand 2-219
MEN: fast Ethernet interface card for train control
The F305 network controller coming in 3U CompactPCI supports four
fast Ethernet channels and real-time Ethernet functionality. Especially
developed for rail applications, the card is equipped with robust M12
connectors on the front, is working in an extended temperature range
from -40 to +85°C and complies with the EN 50155 railway standard.
Hall-Stand 5-213
Pentair: AdvancedTCA ECO modular
system with adjustable features
To satisfy the demand for flexibility plus ever-increasing data rates,
cooling capacities and power consumption, Pentair has developed
the Schroff AdvancedTCA ECO Modular System. Designed with
user-friendliness in mind, this 14U AdvancedTCA system offers 14
slots and is based on a modular concept with a cost-optimized scope
of features. All features can be upgraded or minimized as required
and the cooling and power supply can be easily adapted to suit.
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