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February 2016
Hall-Stand 1-510
Microchip: dual-channel USB-port power
controller maximises system reliability
Microchip announces the expansion of its
programmable USB-port power controller
portfolio with the dual-channel UCS2112.
This new USB-port power controller supports
two ports, with eight programmable contin-
uous current limits, ranging from 0.53 to 3.0
Amps for each port, to enable faster charging
times at higher currents. Features for protect-
ing and increasing overall system uptime also
include integrated current monitoring, pre-
cision current limiting, charge rationing and
dynamic thermal management.
Hall-Stand 1-418
Concurrent: 3U VPX server board for
clustering and storage applications
Concurrent Technologies announces their first
processor board based on the Intel Xeon Pro-
cessor D-1500 family. TR C4x/msd is a 3U VPX
board initially featuring the 8-core Intel Xeon
Processor D-1548 and up to 32GB of DDR4 ECC
DRAM for high performance embedded com-
puting applications. Additional variants will be
available based on processors with up to 16-cores
in the Q1 2016 timeframe. For storage applica-
tions, TR C4x/msd has four SATA600 interfaces
for external drives plus two SATA600 connec-
tions for on-board solid state disk options.
Hall-Stand 5-209
EKF: peripheral slot card for
CompactPCI Serial with PCI
Express eight channel UART
EKF introduces the SU4-SOPRANO, a
peripheral slot card for CompactPCI Serial
systems, equipped with a PCI Express eight
channel UART (Universal Asynchronous
Receiver Transmitter). All ports are available
through Micro-D front panel connectors, and
can be user configured individually for either
RS-232 or RS-485 by means of DIP-switches.
Hall-Stand 5-360
Infineon: Barcelona improves smart
mobility system with CIPURSE-based
security solutions
The new “T-Mobilitat” electronic fare collec-
tion system will further improve urban mobil-
ity. Infineon supplies the security chips for the
“T-Mobilitat” infrastructure – for both the chip-
based tickets, that work contactless, as well as val-
idators based on the advanced security standard
CIPURSE. The approximately five million inhab-
itants of Barcelona and its surroundings will ben-
efit in several ways: The “T-Mobilitat” smart card
will provide all-in-one access to the city’s trans-
port network including Barcelona’s metro system,
bus or any other transportationmeans.
Hall-Stand 1-578
TQ: Cortex-A9-module with
The TQ Group’s TQMa6x based on the i.MX6
processor from Freescale can now be oper-
ated together with the INTEGRITY real-time
operating system from Green Hills Software.
The TQ minimodule and the INTEGRITY
RTOS are ideally suited for applications
in which a high degree of safety is required.
The minimoduleTQMa6Q-AA based on the
i.Mx6 is now supported by the INTEGRITY
RTOS from Green Hills Software which is
designed to meet the highest requirements
regarding safety and reliability.
Hall-Stand 5-445
Telit acquires wireless communi-
cations assets from Stollmann
Telit has agreed to acquire Bluetooth, Bluetooth
Low Energy (BLE) and Near Field Communi-
cation (NFC) assets in hardware and software
from Stollmann. Stollmann is a global player
in the Bluetooth and NFC business, designing,
developing and manufacturing cutting-edge,
low-power Bluetooth modules and highly
sophisticated software solutions for short range
wireless communications. Assets in acquisition
include among others, Stollmann’s Bluetooth
and NFC software stacks, ready-to-use mod-
ules and other intellectual property in wireless
Hall-Stand 1-639
Toradex announces Hardware
Partner Program
Toradex announce its new initiative: Hardware
Partner Program. The intention of this program
is to offer Toradex customers an ecosystem of
third party hardware that is compatible with its
ARM-based System on Modules. Currently, the
program includes Carrier Boards, Carrier Board
and Display combos, and Panel PCs.
Hall-Stand 1-521
DFI: Embedded boards with
optimized and thin-profile designs
DFI announced four new embedded boards
including two Mini-ITX motherboards, one
single board computer, and one 2.5” Pico-
ITX powered by the latest Intel Pentium/
Celeron processor N3000 family. Based on
this new low power platform, designed for
mid to entry level systems, these boards
deliver enhanced graphics capabilities and
premium performance averaging just 6
watts TDP. That makes these boards the
ideal solution for a whole range of fanless
and energy-saving embedded applications
such as industrial automation, retail indus-
tries, and healthcare.
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