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Hall-Stand 5-158
u-blox: GPS/GLONASS receiver platform
for low-power devices
u-blox announces the release of the u blox
8 GPS/GLONASS receiver platform. It com-
plements the u-blox GNSS platform port-
folio by addressing power sensitive usage,
whereas the existing u-blox M8 platform
continues to serve applications where nav-
igation performance and highest accuracy
are paramount.
Hall-Stand 1-306
Sierra Wireless launches lowest-power
LTE industrial gateway
Sierra Wireless announced the launch of the
AirLink Raven RV50 gateway—the LTE suc-
cessor to the market’s most widely deployed
cellular gateway solution for energy and
industrial applications, the AirLink Raven X.
The AirLink Raven RV50 offers a truly rugged
design and the lowest power consumption of
any LTE industrial gateway, providing reliable
connectivity for the most demanding remote
applications, even when solar panels are the
only available source of power.
Hall-Stand 5-258
Arrow: Intel Quark processors designed
for “Internet of Things” applications
Arrow Electronics will distribute the new Intel
Quark processors that Intel unveiled at its
Internet if Things Insights event in San Fran-
cisco. The new Intel Quark microcontroller
D1000, Intel Quark microcontroller D2000
and the Intel Quark SE microcontroller
announced today are designed to bring low-
cost connectivity, integration and compatibil-
ity to the next wave of intelligent things.
Hall-Stand 1-310
AAEON: new IoT gateway trio
for indoor and outdoor use
AAEON has launched the AIOT-QA,
AIOT-QG, and AIOT-QM IoT gateways
running on the Intel Quark X1000 Series
SoCs. AAEON’s trio of IoT-specific gate-
ways are created and built to enable an IoT
lifestyle both indoors and outdoors. Along
with the low-power consuming chips, the
devices are equipped with the Wind River
Intelligent Platform, Linux support, McA-
fee Embedded Control security technology,
and Bluetooth/ WiFi/ 3G connectivity to
ensure the most flexible and secure option
for implementing IoT.
Hall-Stand 5-213
Pentair highlights Schroff
Interscale C conduction-cooled
case at embedded world
Pentair will be presenting innovative new
products and solutions in the field of embed-
ded systems at embedded world 2016. The
highlight of Pentair’s presentation will be
the Schroff Interscale C, a new, compact,
and conduction-cooled case. The Flexi-
ble Heat Conductors, when assembled into
a Schroff Interscale C chassis, make these
cases intelligent solutions for small form fac-
tor applications. The Schroff AdvancedTCA
ECO modular system will take center stage
in the field of xTCA products. This 14 U
AdvancedTCA system offers 14 slots and is
based on a modular concept with a cost-op-
timized scope of features. All features can
be upgraded or minimized as required. Also,
the cooling and power supply configurations
can be easily adapted to accommodate spe-
cific customer applications. Pentair will also
unveil various embedded solutions for the
“ruggedized” product sector. These include
a customized CPCI PlusIO system, which
is installed in a drone for research purposes.
With Pentair’s recent acquisition of Pigeon
Point Systems, visitors can now for the first
time also see monitoring and control prod-
ucts on display at the Pentair booth – trusted
solutions for hardware platform management
that are safe to operate. In addition, interested
visitors can also benefit from an introduction
to the TraceParts CAD portal. This portal pro-
vides over 4,000 3D data sets of Schroff prod-
ucts in 32 different native CAD data formats
ready for download – all free of charge.
Hall-Stand 1-478
Kontron: latest hardware-based security
technology on a compact form factor
Kontron announces the availability of the
Kontron COM Express COMe-cSL6. The
Kontron cSL6 is based on the COM Express
compact standard form factor and 6th gener-
ation Intel Core i7, i5 and i3 processors. With
16 GB DDR4 soldered memory and 32 GB SLC
on board SSD, the Kontron COMe-cSL6 can
deliver just about any application to any market.
Hall-Stand 4-316
dSPACE: data management software
with latest server technology
With SYNECT 2.0, dSPACE has recently
introduced a new version of its data manage-
ment software for model-based development
and ECU testing. With state-of-the-art server
technology and further improved usability,
SYNECT now supports developers of embed-
ded systems and software even better in the
management of data generated during their
development and test processes.
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