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February 2016
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ize a logging application that runs 24/7 and in
parallel you can have a separate maintenance
software, which can grab the data from the
same sources or configure the I/Os. Having the
I/O data in the OS you can include the SIODI
API directly in the application and connect it
to the cloud – without any extra way regard-
ing the shield functions. The flexible Indus-
trial PC offers four SIODI Shields for different
markets and also allows 300 other configura-
tion possibilities. Because of the wide-ranging
I/O portfolio various applications can be real-
ized with the configurations. For special inter-
faces the opportunity is open to build an own
I/O shield according to the SIODI interface
standard. One key aspect is the connectivity,
because getting the data available in the cloud
is the main goal of an IoT gateway. The GATE-
Box 100 has options for wireless connections,
like WWAN, WLAN or LTE, up to the cloud
and options like CAN Bus or Digital I/O for
the connection to sensors and the machine. In
real time and measurement environments you
like to get machine or sensor data within tem-
poral correlation between different machines.
GATEBox offers a CTSS option where the
Ethernet Port utilizes IEEE1588/802.1AS to
synchronize the time within a network. With
this time sensitive networking option (TSN)
you are able to acquire sensor data from dif-
ferent data sources e.g. more GATEBoxes and
can send this data to the cloud for analytics.
A lot of companies are already using industrial
PCs for intelligent communication between
their machines. Most of the industrial PCs are
developed for installation in air-conditioned
cabinets and run 24/7. But what happens with
applications in harsh environments? What
about all the systems that must endure fluctu-
ating temperatures or voltages, like infrastruc-
ture or outdoor applications?
Especially for these requirements the GATE-
Box 100 is developed: it is a robust, small
but powerful industrial PC which meets all
the challenges in outdoor operation mainte-
nance-free. It even ensures reliable operation
in an operating temperature down to -40°C,
most suitable for use in cabinets outdoors. In
order to meet the requirements of industrial
applications a 24/7 endurance runner was
created which is completely maintenance-free.
The industrial PC needs no fan, no battery
and also no moving parts. The passive cooling
concept, super caps and industrial 2.5” or M.2
SSDs guarantee reliable operation and reduce
the service cost. In some environments you
may also get voltage fluctuations. With stan-
dard PC hardware you will get undefined
states or reboots of your PCs. To avoid this
the GATEBox has a 6.5 V – 32 V DC wide
range input. To bring existing applications to
an IoT infrastructure it is necessary to find a
good spot to mount gateways. Thus GATEBox
offers various mounting options which round
up the package enabling operation in the stan-
dard desktop version, mounted on the wall or
DIN rail.
The complexity of industry systems increase
the probability of a system breakdown. With
machines, that are not connected the service
technician has to do on-site service, even
if a reboot of the machine would solve the
problem. With an IoT gateway he can see the
status of the machine and do a reboot from
remote. Since the gateway itself isn’t part of
the machine itself it will stay on-line and can
monitor the reboot. As a consequence the
GATEBox 100 opens up the use of hidden
data for remote diagnostics.
Reducing machine downtimes: when an
industrial machine has broken down debug-
ging the error could take long time. Such a
problem doesn´t exist with the use of GATE-
Figure 1. Standard GateBox with 2x GB with 1x RS232, 1x RS485
Schematic Setup of GATEBox 100 with the SIODI concept
Figure 2. SIODI S1 with 2x CAN, 4x digital/analog Input, 4x digital Output, 1x RS422
Figure 3. SIODI S2 with analog Audio, S/PDIF, 1x USB
Figure 4. SIODI S3 with 4x digital Input, 4x digital Output, 4x analog Input
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