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February 2016
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the third generation of PCI Express (“Gen3”).
Simulations performed by EyeKnowHow have
proofed that IRISO’s MXM2 connectors are
well suited for use in applications with data
transfer speeds of up to 8 GT/s. Specifically,
signal transmission in Qseven COM Car-
rier board scenarios (Device-Up and Device-
Down) has been tested for PCI Express Gen3.
While signal transmission in this speed range
has been established in embedded systems for
quite some time, so far none of the connector
manufacturers had committed nor released the
suitability for these speeds with their MXM2
connectors predominantly used in Qseven-
and graphics systems. There are multiple
benefits for the embedded community which
come along with the qualification of IRISO’s
MXM2 connector at PCI Express Gen3 speed:
In addition to connect Qsevenmodules to their
respective carrier boards, IRISO’s long-term
available 230-pin connector can be used in
the industrial and automotive sector for many
other high speed applications. The high pin
count of 230 and the low system costs of this
edge connector make it a perfect fit for applica-
tions where many high speed signals have to be
connected board-to-board, such as multimedia
or graphics systems.
Hall-Stand 5-385
TI: industrial drive control SoC to support
digital and analog position sensors
Texas Instruments announced an on-chip
solution supporting both analog and digital
position sensors. The new TMS320F28379D
and TMS320F28379S microcontrollers are an
expansion to TI’s C2000 Delfino MCU portfo-
lio and, when combined with DesignDRIVE
Position Manager technology, enable simple
interfacing to position sensors. This solution
improves system performance by completing
the decode tasks on-chip and reducing the
communication latency, enabling faster con-
trol loop performance.
Hall-Stand 1-340
HEITEC‘s Electronics Division inau-
gurates competence center in Eckental
On the occasion of the opening of the Elec-
tronics division’s Competence Center, the first
Technology Day takes place under the motto
“HighTech by HEITEC”. The site in Eckental
near Nuremberg comprises 6,400 m². With
this step, the bundled electronics expertise
of the company - which means development,
housing technology and production (in total
about 120 employees) - is clustered under one
roof. The establishment of this center creates
new synergies in order to offer customers
the best system solution from a single source
in one place and thus an optimal basis to
enhance their competitiveness.
Hall-Stand 2-620
Coilcraft: compact current sense trans-
formers sense current up to 20 Amps
Coilcraft announces its new CST7030 Series
of surface mount current sense transformers
which measure just 5.2 X 7.0 mm (with a max
height of 3.0 mm) and sense up to 20 Amps
of current at frequencies between 10 kHz and
1 MHz. Typical applications include load cur-
rent measurement and control in switching
power supplies and overload/short-circuit
Hall-Stand 1-205
Xilinx: Spartan-7 FPGA family delivers
flexible, I/O-intensive devices
Xilinx announced the Spartan-7 FPGA fam-
ily that will deliver I/O intensive devices for
cost-sensitive applications. The new fam-
ily will address connectivity requirements
across a breadth of markets including auto-
motive, consumer, industrial IoT, data cen-
ter, wired and wireless communications,
and portable medical solutions. All new
Spartan-7 FPGAs will be supported on the
no-cost Vivado Design Suite WebPACK Edi-
tion, as well as the Vivado Design and System
Editions, to enable fastest time to integration
and implementation.
Hall-Stand 5-318
Conrad: motion detector for outdoor use
Conrad Business Supplies has introduced
a new Passive Infrared motion sensor from
European relay and timer specialist Finder.
The Type 18.A1 provides the user with a
wide, 110° horizontal angle of survey. The
sensor orientation can be customised based
on application requirements and parame-
ters such as adjustable threshold and light on
timer can be configured. Built to rugged and
durable standards, this new detector joins
over 850 Finder products already available
from Conrad.
Hall-Stand 1-510
Microchip: combined multi-touch and
3D-gesture modules for displays
Microchip announced its partnership with
Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS) to provide
customers with complete projected-capaci-
tive touch (PCAP) and 3D-gesture interface
modules, which will lead to faster devel-
opment and lower costs. The modules will
make it easier to design multi-touch and 3D
gesture displays with Microchip’s award-win-
ning GestIC technology, which offers a hand
tracking range of up to 20 cm from the display
surface. Hand gestures are universal, hygienic
and easy to learn.
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