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February 2016
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Hall-Stand 1-370
Maxim: power management chip
optimizes power and battery life
With the MAX14720 power management
integrated circuit from Maxim Integrated
Products, designers can optimize power
and battery life for wearable medical/fitness
and Internet of Things applications. Increas-
ing battery life and achieving low power are
common challenges faced by engineers when
developing wearable and IoT products. The
MAX14720 PMIC is ideal for non-recharge-
able battery (coin cell, dual alkaline) appli-
cations where size and energy efficiency are
Hall-Stand 4-340
home2net: easy and secure IoT
access without gateway
home2net presents advanced and all new
products for easy and secure cloud access and
introduces software release 2.x to its web@
ctrl family of Cloud connected I/O control-
lers. New features include support for DMX-
and Modbus protocols as well as additional
hardware support for PWM outputs, BLE
(Bluetooth Low Energy) and WiFi functions.
home2net adds a new, user-configurable APP
to its proven ready-to-use infrastructure for
smart cloud access. While the unique secu-
rity concept enables quick and safe linking up
to the cloud without any gateways or painful
network configuration an all-new user config-
urable APP now enables local communication
without a cloud connection.
Hall-Stand 1-211
Innodisk releases DDR4 wide
temperature module series
Innodisk introduces a DDR4 wide tempera-
ture module series designed for industrial
platforms and applications for harsh environ-
ments. Supporting the Intel Skylake H/S/U
and Broadwell platform, the DDR4 wide tem-
perature module series is JEDEC compliant
and offers up to 30% higher performance with
20% lower power consumption compared to
the current mainstream DDR3 module. This
product series is especially suited for outdoor
environments. Its built-in thermal sensors alert
the respective system to temperature changes,
while its industrial-grade wide temperature
components allow the operation to withstands
temperatures ranging from -40 ~85°C.
Hall-Stand 5-258
Arrow and Microsemi announce
Arrow-Built SF2+ Development Kit
Arrow Electronics and Microsemi announced
the latest addition to Arrow’s growing port-
folio of development tools: the Arrow-built
SF2+ Development Kit, featuring Microsemi’s
SmartFusion2 SoC FPGA, Microsemi’s Tim-
berwolf audio processor and Microsemi’s LX
series power devices. The SF2+ Development
Kit is ideal for both software and hardware
engineers looking to jumpstart next-level
integrated designs.
Hall-Stand 4-173
Renesas: on-chip SRAM to enable
real-time image processing
Renesas Electronics announced its successful
development of a new dual-port on-chip static
random access memory (SRAM) for in-vehi-
cle infotainment system-on-chips in the 16
nm and later generations. The new SRAM is
optimized for use as video buffer memory in
automotive infotainment SoCs to realize the
real-time image processing capabilities nec-
essary for future autonomous-driving vehicle
technologies. When testing the new SRAM in
a state-of-the-art 16 nm process, it achieved
both 688-picosecond high-speed operation
under the low-voltage condition of 0.7 V and
the high level integration density of 3.6 Mbit/
Hall-Stand 5-210
ept: simple and robust electrical and
mechanical connection of PCBs
With its two new products flexilink b-t-b and
flexilink jumper ept offers a simple and robust
solution for connecting PCBs. Using tradi-
tional methods, it took several process steps
to connect two boards to each other vertically.
First, the connectors had to be soldered to both
PCBs. Additional spacer pins for mechani-
cal joining and secure fixation of the clear-
ance were required when plugging the PCBs
together. With ept flexilink b-t-b and the press-
fit technology it provides, both PCBs are con-
nected electrically and mechanically in just one
process step. No additional screw connections
are needed thanks to its high intrinsic stability.
The electrical and mechanical connection is
maintained even while molding the assembly.
The assembly size and costs can be reduced in
most any scenario.
Hall-Stand 4A-101
Mouser: low-power digital
humidity sensor from TI
Mouser is now stocking the HDC1050 low-
power digital humidity sensor from Texas
Instruments. Combining factory-calibrated
humidity- and temperature-sensing elements,
the HDC1050 device provides up to 14-bit
measurement resolution and excellent accu-
racy at very low power. The Texas Instruments
HDC1050 low-power digital humidity sensor,
available from Mouser Electronics, is avail-
able in a 3 mm × 3 mm PWSON 6-pin DMB
package, and provides high accuracy levels
while consuming low power across a wide 2.7
– 5.5V operating voltage range.
Hall-Stand 5-360
Infineon: driver IC family for mid-
and low-voltage motor drives
Infineon Technologies expands its 200 V
driver IC portfolio with the IRS2005(S, M)
for high voltage, high speed IGBTs and power
MOSFETs. The new driver IC features com-
prehensive protection for motor drive applica-
tions with stringent space constraints such as
electric garden equipment, golf carts, power
tools and mobility scooters. The IRS200x
family consists of high-side & low-side and
half bridge drivers utilizing Infineon’s proven,
robust high-voltage junction isolation tech-
nology to realize small packages while remain-
ing tolerant to negative transient voltages.
Hall-Stand 5-268
Toshiba: small package microcontroller
with built-in pre-driver for motor control
Toshiba Electronics Europe has expanded
its TX03 series of ARM Cortex-M3-based
microcontrollers with the launch of the
TMPM37AFSQG. The new IC is the world’s
smallest vector control microcontroller that
incorporates Toshiba’s Vector Engine Plus
(VE+) coprocessor and a pre-driver to enable
brushless DC motor control.
Hall-Stand 1-610
IRISO: MXM2 connector qualified
for Qseven Rev2.0/3.0 at PCI
Express Gen3 speed
Along with its activities for the SGET, IRISO
has got its long-term available MXM2 con-
nectors qualified for suitability with the signal
transmission speeds which come along with
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