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February 2016
& C
processor, on-chip memory and FPGA
logic all on the same device, OEMs can cre-
ate ever-more-sophisticated fusion systems
including V2V communications. What’s more,
IIoT smart infrastructure and smart cities can
leverage these same ZynqMPSoC platforms
for V2X. The innate programmability ensures
the V2V and V2I networks will scale as the
standards evolve and as more autonomous
vehicles enter the roadways.
Customers in the industrial market have
greatly advanced factory efficiency and
safety over the last two decades using Xil-
inx devices. Today, with All Programmable
FPGAs and SoCs, customers in all the major
segments of IIoT are building secure and safe
standards-compliant smart platforms with
sensor fusion, smart motion/motor control
and smarter and faster enterprise connectiv-
ity. These All Programmable platforms are
the underlying technology for smart wind
farms composed of many smart wind tur-
bines, each of which can adapt to changing
weather conditions for maximum efficiency.
The turbines are connected to control and
enterprise systems that monitor wear and
schedule preventative maintenance so as to
avoid entire-system malfunctions.
With the greater capacity, functionality and
processing clout of Ultra-Scale and UltraScale+
devices, IIoT customers will be able to advance
these smart platforms even further, endowing
them with greater intelligence for next-gener-
ation cyber-physical systems. With the seven
processors of ZynqMPSoC, for example, cus-
tomers will be able to integrate more sensor
and motor/motion control functions into a
single device and achieve real-time response
not possible with any other ASSP-plus-FPGA
configuration. The ZynqMPSoC on-chip
processing and logic will enable improved
self-monitoring and diagnostics functional-
ity. Equipment will employ self-healing algo-
rithms or partial reconfiguration to optimize
performance as machine conditions change or
demand ebbs and flows. What’s more, the Zyn-
qUltrascale+ MPSoC can work in harmony
with ZynqSoC-based systems.
In smart-city applications, companies can use
ZynqSoC-based smart-sensor systems at the
edge of the smart city surveillance network
to enhance camera resolution and perform
object detection and real-time threat analysis.
Then, they can turn to the ZynqUltra-Scale+
MPSoC to synchronize the data received from
each ZynqSoC-based smart sensor and com-
municate it accordingly with traffic control or
authorities as threats, odd behavior, accidents
or congestion are detected.
Likewise in the factory, in addition to being
at the heart of cyber-physical systems, the
ZynqUltrascale+ MPSoC can function as the
macro controller of a factory network of Zyn-
qSoC-based motor control, motion control
and fusion factory-line quality and safety sys-
tems. Companies can leverage the seven pro-
cessors to coordinate real-time response and
analysis received from the ZynqSoC control
system. At the same time, they can perform
metadata analysis and communicate it with
the enterprise through proprietary networks
(in full compliance with safety and reliability
standards) and through emerging high-speed
5G wireless and SDN/NFV wired networks.
Xilinx devices have played a significant role
in every build out of the wireless and wired
networking infrastructure since the 1980s.
With every cycle of Moore’s Law, its devices
have grown in capacity and functionality to
the point where nowadays All Programmable
devices enable design teams to innovate new
networking systems with the highest level
of system programmability and differenti-
ation ever seen. With 7 series 20nm UltraS-
cale devices and upcoming 16nm UltraScale+
devices, Xilinx is enabling customers today
to quickly bring to the market 5G and SDN/
NFV infrastructure equipment with the high-
est degree of programmability. Its All Pro-
grammable FPGAs, SoCs and 3D ICs are
the most flexible platforms for the evolving
software and hardware requirements of 5G
and SDN/NFV. Further, they are the well-
suited programmable solution for the per-
formance-per-watt demands of data center
systems at the heart of the cloud computing
business, poised to expand rapidly with 5G
and SDN/NFV networking. In SDN/NFV,
All Programmable technologies are enabling
customers to build equipment with intrusion
detection, load balancing and traffic manage-
ment. Xilinx supports efficient management
Figure 2. The sophistication of advanced driver assistance systems is rapidly evolving thanks in
large part to customer use of Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC devices to build fusion-sensor
ADAS platforms.
Figure 3. Industry 4.0 is the evolution from embedded systems to cyber-physical systems that,
through advanced processing, enable smart manufacturing, infrastructure and cities. The result
will likely be the world’s fourth industrial revolution
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