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February 2016
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activate licensing of additional functionality.
CodeMeter μEmbedded is compatible with
CodeMeter, the security solution for PCs and
embedded devices. So, one can continue to
use familiar tools, such as CodeMeter License
Central and the development environment
DAVE .A new plug-in for DAVE offers devel-
opers a simple graphical interface for con-
figuring the XMC4000 microcontroller and
generating encrypted firmware updates or
license files.
The XMC4000 family for industrial appli-
cations is particularly well-suited for digital
power converters, electrical drive trains, and
sensor applications; it supports a variety of
industrial communications standards. All
XMC4000 microcontrollers are qualified for
temperatures up to 125°C. They use the ARM
Cortex M4 processor with built-in DSP func-
tionality, floating point unit, Direct Memory
Access (DMA), and Memory Protection Unit
(MPU). The extensive peripherals include
analog/mixed signal converters, high-reso-
lution timers/PWM channels, and interfaces
for all current industrial communication
standards. The XMC4000 family today con-
sists of the seven series XMC4100, XMC4200,
XMC4400, XMC4500 and XMC4700 as well
as XMC 4300 and XMC4800. It includes more
than 80 components in VQFN, LQFN, and
LFBGA packages with between 48 and 196
pins. The two series XMC4300 and XMC4800
feature on-chip EtherCAT (Ethernet for Con-
trol Automation Technology) and permit the
simple, cost-effective implementation of real-
time Ethernet communications and is there-
fore ideal for Industry 4.0 applications.
In addition to data security, of course, com-
plex IoT applications must also ensure func-
tional safety – and that is evenmore important
in networked systems. However, the imple-
mentation is often difficult. For industrial
applications that must meet functional safety
requirements, there is a Safety Package avail-
able for the XMC4000 family. It helps in the
development of TÜV-certified automation
systems that must meet the requirements of
Safety Integrity Levels SIL 2 and SIL 3. Also,
the Safety Package assists to reduce the devel-
opment time of functional safety software
test libraries to just a year. It was developed
for factory automation, industrial drives, and
robotics applications, as well as in consider-
ation of Industry 4.0 and IoT. The XMC4000
Safety Package includes the XMC4000 micro-
controllers and also a detailed set of docu-
mentation and a TÜV-certified software test
library. The documentation includes an error
mode report and a failure mode effects and
diagnostic analysis (FMEDA) report, as well
as the Safety Application Note. The FMEDA
uses reliable FIT (failure in time) rates for the
XMC4000 microcontroller.
Figure 4. Complete development environment with embedded security: a new plug-in for the
DAVE development environment offers developers a simple graphical interface for configuring the
XMC4000 microcontroller and generating encrypted firmware updates or license files.
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