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Dear Readers,
February 2016
The new year has just started and
yet the most important event for
the embedded community - the
embedded world Exhibition &
Conference - is imminent: same
procedure as every year. But is this
really true? No, because the worlds
largest exhibition which is held this
year from 23rd to 25th February in
the fair halls of Nürnberg Messe is
evolving year by year. It not only
grows every year it also includes
new areas and special shows. In
2015 more than 900 exhibitors
from over 35 countries will present
state of the art products and services to approx. 30,000 visitors.
According to a survey of the organizer 87% of the visitors are involved
in purchasing and buying embedded systems and services. The
organizer awaits 1,500 attendees of the embedded conference.
Due to the increased networking of embedded systems the question
raises: “How secure and protected are embedded systems?” For this
reason embedded world 2016 will present for the first time the topic
safety & security for embedded systems in a special area in Hall 4A
which includes safety for hardware and software as well as protec-
tion against extern attacks and product piracy. Technicians will there
find answers for the important questions for the embedded industry:
How to protect embedded systems against attacks? How to design
protected hardware and software for embedded solutions? How to
monitor and track channels of attacks for embedded systems? The
visitor will find there individual booths and also the Safety & Security
The embedded community is not only able to find the actual prod-
ucts and solutions in the exhibition halls but also to exchange expe-
riences at the associated conference. The conference will be held in
the Convention Center Nürnberg (CCN) close to the exhibition halls.
According to the organizer the success of the embedded world con-
ference is based on the active and eager contribution of the embed-
ded community. The content of the conference is composed by an
international jury and guarantees the necessary dissemination of
knowledge as well as the annual discussion of the actual trends and
developments. Speciality of this conference is its solution orientated
lectures what means they help attendees in their daily work. Techni-
cians will find valuable information which is not only of interest for
individuals but also for the entire embedded industry.
According to the organizer the electronics display conference devel-
oped to the most important European B2B platform for all aspects
of display technologies. The spectrum of topics includes this year the
actual display technologies like LCD, OLED, or e-paper and flexible
displays and 3D displays as well as graphical user interfaces and touch
screens. Furthermore the wide range of display applications and the
market trend of displays are topics of the electronic display conference.
As you can see – an absolute must for the embedded community to
visit. I´m looking forward meeting you at the exhibition.
Yours Sincerely
Wolfgang Patelay
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