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December 7, 2016 - presented by


Power Supply Design Series - DC-DC Boost Converter

This Section concludes our webinar series which explains in-depth design steps for the buck and the boost topology DC-DC switching regulators, supplemented by dedicated sessions on PCB layout and signal edge control for EMI that apply to all switching regulators.

Kontron: embedded FlexATX motherboard with i3, i5, i7 or 6th gen Xeon E3

Kontron announced its new embedded FlexATX-SKL-S-C236 motherboard with Intel Core i3, i5, i7 or 6th Generation Intel Xeon E3 14 nm Quad Core CPUs. Equipped with a comprehensive range of interfaces, th...

SECO: Qseven Rel. 2.1 module with latest Intel Atom, Pentium and Celeron processors

SECO introduced the Q7-B03, a Qseven 2.1 compliant module based on the new Intel Atom E39xx family, Intel Celeron N3350, and Intel Pentium N4200 SoCs designed with the Internet of Things in mind. T...

Next generation Intel low-power processors and their benefits

congatec supports the new low-power Intel Atom, Celeron and Pentium processors on six different form factors. What makes this processor so attractive for design-in on so many different form factors?

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3.5” Apollo Lake SBC with High-Performance & Wide Temperature Solution

MSI unveils MS-98E6 3.5” industrial SBC comes with Intel® Apollo Lake/Apollo Lake-I series SoC for 5-7 year long life cycle, low power, supports memory up to 8GB of DDR3L, and 3 independent displays (4K/2K supported), offering industries with reliable -40°C to 85°C wide operating temperature range.


Maxim: reference design for heart rate and blood oxygen (SpO2) monitors

Developers of heart rate and blood oxygen (SpO2) monitors can now accelerate their efforts using the ultra-small MAXREFDES117# reference design from Maxim Integrated Products. This optical heart-ra...

Logic Technology: TrueSTUDIO 7.0.0 released

Atollic TrueSTUDIO v.7.0.0 for Windows has been released, a new Alpha version for Linux is also available. Atollic TrueSTUDIO version 7.0.0 is a major release where several platform components have be...

EKF: 9-port Gigabit Ethernet switch for industrial

EKF introduces the SL2-BRASS, a 9-port Gigabit Ethernet switch built on a peripheral slot card for CompactPCI Serial systems. The switch provides latest features such as 802.1 Audio Video Bridging (AV...

Solid Sands and Verum receive funding for joint MIT R&D project ISAFE

Solid Sands and Verum Software Tools announce that their joint Integrated Safety for Deeply Embedded Systems Software (ISAFE) project has been approved for MIT funding. Solid Sands, the supplier of...

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Securely into the Cloud: PCI Express Mini Card with Smart Card Interface

To protect data transfer from undesirable access, an existing system can easily be secured by integrating the smart card reader PX6. This PCIe Mini Card provides a safe encryption on the cloud server. This may be required for maintenance, service or diagnostic purposes.


Axiomtek: industrial-grade palm-sized embedded system with wide range DC input

Axiomtek is introducing the eBOX565-500-FL, an Intel Skylake ULT-based fanless embedded system with rich I/O interfaces in a compact system size. The power-efficient embedded box PC is designed to sup...

Xilinx: developer zone to accelerate embedded vision innovation

Xilinx launched the Embedded Vision Developer Zone for software, hardware, and system developers to accelerate their productivity and build All Programmable, differentiated Embedded Vision application...

Pay-Per-Use – enabling new business models for medical devices by leveraging software licensing

This webinar presents the simple process of using software monetization and licensing solutions for managing new business models to realize cost-saving benefits and to enable the device vendor to access these huge new untapped markets.

Tackling core challenges in the IoT over Wi-Fi

In this webinar you will learn how TI's & Xively’s innovations are driving the IoT further by tackling some of Wi-Fi’s core challenges: TI’s SimpleLink CC3200 wireless MCU makes Wi-Fi easy and    Xively’s Connected Product Management solution easily gets data to the cloud.

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Multi-Protocol Industrial Ethernet Detection Reference Design

Sitara™ processors with PRU-ICSS module help designers pick the right Ethernet-based industrial communication protocol. For sophisticated slave devices or end-nodes needing EtherCat, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Powerlink and more, Sitara AM335x processors are the answer. Check out TI’s Reference Design.


Keysight: three new PXIe chassis enable applications in R&D and manufacturing

Keysight Technologies announced three new PXIe chassis with different sizes and performance characteristics. The new chassis include Keysight’s 10-slot Gen 3 chassis, designed for high-performan...

Toshiba: high-resolution 40V, 1.8A bipolar stepping motor driver

Toshiba Electronics Europe has introduced a high-voltage, high-resolution bipolar stepping motor driver with maximum ratings of 40V and 1.8A. The ultra-compact TB62269FTAG will suit applications rangi...

Monetizing the IoT: Show Me the Money

This paper presents an overview of the forces driving the IoT, the 10 major markets being disrupted, and the importance of ecosystems and partners in monetizing the IoT. It also explains the critical need to innovate business models.

Quality doesn’t equal Security - Developing secure embedded software

Effectively addressing embedded software security requires a combination of people, process, and technology.  No single tool, technique, or process will ever provide a complete solution. This paper explains why some commonly used approaches to security typically fail and outlines a development strategy for getting security right. 

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Enable Legacy Apps with 30% Faster CPU and 45% Better GPU Performance

ADLINK releases the new building blocks and Mini-ITX embedded board with the latest Intel Atom E3900 series family.  Delivering 4k graphics with up to 3 independent displays at a competitive power 6 to 12 Watts. Download whitepaper to know more about new Intel Atom SKU and ADLINK solutions.



OPC UA Security: Native and Add-On Solutions for the Rise of Smart Factories

OPC UA is a multi-platform, plug & play Information Exchange Standard for industrial smart automation and cloud networking that is facilitating the convergence of OT and IT. CodeMeter Embedded fully supports the OPC UA defined Security Profiles and configurations and provides even stronger security for modern M2M communications.

Pentair: ServCite Rack, a new generation of speed, storage and data processing

Pentair presents the new Schroff ServCite rack based on the highly efficient OCP (Open Compute Project) concept. The ServCite rack has been developed specifically to meet the stringent requirements of...

dSPACE: merging function and production software development

With its latest version 4.2, dSPACE’s production code generator, TargetLink now supports on-target bypassing for function development on existing electronic control units. For production code de...

Silicon Software: VisualApplets Embedder makes FPGAs and SoCs individually programmable

With its VisualApplets Embedder, Silicon Software has presented a hardware solution that is integrated easily and only once into image processing devices such as cameras and vision sensors. Using Visu....

electronica Review


STMicroelectronics at electronica 2016

1. Part - Time of Light proximity sensor The VL53L0X is the latest product based on ST’s patented FlightSense™ technology. This is a ground-breaking technology allowing absolute distanc...


Qualcomm Snapdragon solutions help customers from prototype to commercial device

Learn how Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ solutions help customers from prototype to commercial device with a suite of development boards, off-the-shelf and custom modules, and discrete processors for...


Amphenol Advanced Sensors - leading innovator in sensing technologies

Amphenol Advanced Sensors is a leading innovator in advanced sensing technologies and innovative embedded measurement solutions customized for regulatory and industry driven applications, creating val...


In focus at Omron Electronica

Most people know Omron for relays, switches and connectors, but Omron has also offered photo micro sensors for over 50 years and was a pioneer in the technology. This year at Electronica we are focusi...


Linking the smart factory to the connected world

Murata introduces products enabling Industrie 4.0 and IoT such as NFC, HF, UHF miniature tags, and RFID modules. Murata links smart factories to the connected world via Sensing, Software, Supply of...


The future of contactless patient monitoring

Murata’s contactless patient monitoring, a full range of monitoring solutions using: Nurse call interfaces, wired and wireless Mobile Apps, tablets and PCs Cloud and central stations ...


Associate VP Hans-Peter Nüdling about News at Advantech Embedded Europe

Advantech Embedded IoT Sector is announcing major news: Appointment of Hans-Peter (HP) Nüdling as the new Associate VP embedded IoT Europe.This reflects an investment and sign in serious gr...


Power Semiconductor Innovation for a Greener Planet

Power Semiconductors are the engine that converts generated energy to usable energy. From plant to distribution to factory or home, power semiconductors are used at every conversion step along the way...


The Renesas Synergy Platform at Electronica 2016

Created to address the needs of today’s embedded developers, the Renesas Synergy Platform provides a complete ecosystem of ARM® Cortex®-M based MCUs, integrated software stacks and libra...

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