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November 30, 2016 - presented by

Whitepaper: Embedded Architectures Supporting Mixed Safety Integrity Software

System designers are faced with the challenge of providing safety and functionality from the same system. Software needs to be partitioned while assuring that software from lower safety levels cannot interfere with software relating to higher safety levels. This paper discusses partitioning techniques used in mixed safety level embedded systems.

PragmaDev introduces free version of toolset

PragmaDev launches PragmaDev Studio V5.1 introducing a free licensing model. The whole tool set is now available for free for small projects. This will ease evaluation, education and adoption of our m...

Maxim: controller with full security and cryptographic toolbox supporting TLS

Developers of Industrial IoT and connected embedded systems can now design in an added level of trust while also bringing their products to market faster with the MAXQ1061 DeepCover cryptographic cont...

Xilinx: developer zone to accelerate embedded vision innovation

Xilinx launched the Embedded Vision Developer Zone for software, hardware, and system developers to accelerate their productivity and build All Programmable, differentiated Embedded Vision application...

Artila named founding member of Exosite IoT Alliance

Artila Electronics announced to be the member of Exosite IoT Alliance. Exosite is a supplier of enterprise-grade cloud platform, who has many famous alliance partners. Its cloud data platform has high...

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Evaluate TI’s Hercules™ MCUs for your functional safety design today

Start evaluating your design with a Hercules Launchpad™ Development Kit. With ARM® Cortex®-R lock-step cores and many other on-chip safety features, these development kits are extraordinarily helpful for functional safety applications. Check out our full suite of EVMs today.


TME to support markets in Africa and the Middle East

Transfer Multisort Elektronik enters new markets that have been overlooked by many other European suppliers! Over 800 leading manufacturers of electronic components have finally stopped worrying about...

SYSGO certified according to ISO/IEC 27001

In November 2016 SYSGO was certified by DQS according to the ISO/IEC standard 27001:2013. DQS as independent auditors, confirm that the manufacturer of operating systems and development tools for embe...

ROHM: reference boards for high voltage fan motor drivers

ROHM has recently announced the availability of reference boards designed to evaluate its high voltage fan motor drivers that achieve greater efficiency and simplify inverter configuration in home app...

Portwell: SMARC module with x86 based processor

Portwell Technology announced PSMC-M101, its first SMARC module with x86 based processor. The PSMC-M101 model series (82x50mm), is based on Intel’s latest 14nm Atom, Celeron and Pentium processo...

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ADLINK COM Express Type 7 Brings 16-core Server Grade Support and 10G

ADLINK's first COM Express Type 7 Express-BD7 is based on the Intel® Xeon® processor D, available with 4, 8, 12 and 16 cores and up to 4x 10GbE support. It is ideal for virtualization, edge computing and other numerical applications. To find out more about Type 7 and Express-BD7.

Rutronik presents dual protocol transceivers from Intersil

Intersil’s new ISL3333xE/ISL3335xE dual protocol transceivers are a family of two port interface ICs where port 1 is configured as dual (2Tx, 2Rx) RS-232 transceiver and port 2 is a single RS-48...

Infineon complements iMOTION design kit with two power boards

Infineon Technologies adds two power boards to the family of iMOTION Modular Application Design Kits. The two half bridge boards complement the compact and flexible evaluation system providing a scala...

Renesas extends software environment for TPS-1 PROFINET IRT device chip

Renesas Electronics Europe announced its new host drivers and an upgrade of the software environment for the TPS-1 PROFINET IRT Device Chip. The new software version, based on the latest PROFINET stan...

Advantech: smooth 4K signage experience across three displays

Advantech releases its 4K UHD multi-display fanless signage solution DS-780. Designed for advanced digital signage and multi-display projects, DS-780 combines high processing and graphics performance ...

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IntervalZero: Real Time for Windows 10 IoT Core

IntervalZero announces its latest Real Time solution for Windows 10 IoT Core. This will be a perfect migration path from Windows CE when real time is a requirement. It provides both determinism and all of the benefits of Windows 10 IoT Core, including Microsoft Azure tools and services.

Latest Webinars, White Papers & more

Pay-Per-Use – enabling new business models for medical devices by leveraging software licensing

This webinar presents the simple process of using software monetization and licensing solutions for managing new business models to realize cost-saving benefits and to enable the device vendor to access these huge new untapped markets.

Next generation Intel low-power processors and their benefits

congatec supports the new low-power Intel Atom, Celeron and Pentium processors on six different form factors. What makes this processor so attractive for design-in on so many different form factors?

Tackling core challenges in the IoT over Wi-Fi

In this webinar you will learn how TI's & Xively’s innovations are driving the IoT further by tackling some of Wi-Fi’s core challenges: TI’s SimpleLink CC3200 wireless MCU makes Wi-Fi easy and    Xively’s Connected Product Management solution easily gets data to the cloud.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems - Addressing Development Challenges

Learn how to use ANSYS tools for the development of the sensors and certified software, their connection with third party tools for car environment simulation and theircapability to integrate everything as a full virtual prototype.

Save cost and time with CoolMOS CE superjunction MOSFET solutions

During this webinar we will explain you the use of CoolMOS CE in lighting applications, which helps you to save cost and enables a short design time. You will learn what CoolMOS CE is about,  how CoolMOS CE helps to achieve cost-savings, efficiency improvements, PCB size reductions, etc.

Monetizing the IoT: Show Me the Money

This paper presents an overview of the forces driving the IoT, the 10 major markets being disrupted, and the importance of ecosystems and partners in monetizing the IoT. It also explains the critical need to innovate business models.

Quality doesn’t equal Security - Developing secure embedded software

Effectively addressing embedded software security requires a combination of people, process, and technology.  No single tool, technique, or process will ever provide a complete solution. This paper explains why some commonly used approaches to security typically fail and outlines a development strategy for getting security right.

OPC UA Security: Native and Add-On Solutions for the Rise of Smart Factories

OPC UA is a multi-platform, plug & play Information Exchange Standard for industrial smart automation and cloud networking that is facilitating the convergence of OT and IT. CodeMeter Embedded fully supports the OPC UA defined Security Profiles and configurations and provides even stronger security for modern M2M communications.

Jump start your Hall-effect sensor expertise

Hall-effect magnetic sensors are an integral part of modern electronics, bridging physical movement to digital information.  This technical dive explores the technology, devices on the market, uses, and fundamental application considerations. 

Ringing Up POS System Sales with Intel vPro Technology

The market for point-of-sale machines is extremely competitive, but POS machine designers can get an edge by appealing to two top retailer concerns: security and maintenance costs.

A Probe-based Service Assurance Solution for Accelerating NFV Migration

Network function virtualization (NFV) is radically changing the communications deployment model. NFV and software-defined networking (SDN) turn the traditional model around, taking a topdown approach by molding the network to service requirements.

Circuit Protection Solutions for Automotive Applications

This webinar shows how Littelfuse s providing solutions which are qualified for today’s high-reliability environments (surge transient protection, ESD protection, electronic fuses, PolySwitch resettable PPTCs, and sensors).

Digitizing Footfall to Increase Physical Store Competitiveness

Customer contact has long been a physical store advantage, but today’s online retailers skillfully employ data to beat physical stores at their own game. Find out how an Internet of Things platform incorporates beacons, cameras, and cloud analytics to give physical stores back the upper hand.

Vending Machine IoT Makeovers

Operators of large vending machine fleets need ways to update these machines to profit from Internet of Things advantages. Explore a retrofit solution engineered by Bsquare and AAEON that uses a IoT software stack and UP board to deliver new operational efficiencies and insights.

electronica Review


In focus at Omron Electronica

Most people know Omron for relays, switches and connectors, but Omron has also offered photo micro sensors for over 50 years and was a pioneer in the technology. This year at Electronica we are focusi...


Linking the smart factory to the connected world

Murata introduces products enabling Industrie 4.0 and IoT such as NFC, HF, UHF miniature tags, and RFID modules. Murata links smart factories to the connected world via Sensing, Software, Supply of...


The future of contactless patient monitoring

Murata’s contactless patient monitoring, a full range of monitoring solutions using: Nurse call interfaces, wired and wireless Mobile Apps, tablets and PCs Cloud and central stations ...


Associate VP Hans-Peter Nüdling about News at Advantech Embedded Europe

Advantech Embedded IoT Sector is announcing major news: Appointment of Hans-Peter (HP) Nüdling as the new Associate VP embedded IoT Europe.This reflects an investment and sign in serious gr...


Power Semiconductor Innovation for a Greener Planet

Power Semiconductors are the engine that converts generated energy to usable energy. From plant to distribution to factory or home, power semiconductors are used at every conversion step along the way...


The Renesas Synergy Platform at Electronica 2016

Created to address the needs of today’s embedded developers, the Renesas Synergy Platform provides a complete ecosystem of ARM® Cortex®-M based MCUs, integrated software stacks and libra...

SECO solutions at electronica 2016

During electronica SECO presents the latest roadmap for the embedded market:  boards (Qseven®, COM Express™, SBCs and Maker boards), integrated systems with a new LCD Panel PC and IoT g...

HMI: Easy Evaluation and Development with the new RX71M Revelation Kit

RX71M Revelation Kit – The new HMI Rapid Prototype Board. Excellent choice for Human Machine Interfaces project at low cost, with a state of the art GUI is the widely scalable 32bit RX700 produc...

NXP Unveils Industry’s First Multi-Protocol Wireless Microcontroller Solution

NXP Semiconductors announce the availability of the industry’s first true single-chip multi-protocol wireless MCU with comprehensive enablement – the Kinetis KW41Z MCU family. While suppor...

Putting Industry 4.0 Into Your Pocket – Soccer Ball Factory Demo by Maxim Integrated

At electronica 2016 Maxim showcased a completely automated digital factory that tested regulation sized soccer balls. This demo epitomized an Industry 4.0 factory, locally controlled by the ultra-smal...

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