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August 3, 2016 - presented by


Express Logic receives Microsoft exFAT licensing approval

Express Logic is licensed to make and distribute the Microsoft Extended File Allocation Table (exFAT) file system. With this exFAT licensing, the first earned by any RTOS provider, Express Logic offer...

Design considerations for powering industrial non-isolated 24V rail applications

In today’s industry 4.0 applications, engineers strive to bring innovative approaches to creating solutions that can tolerate higher voltage and higher temperatures. This Webinar will simplify the complexity in product selection for wide Vin dc-dc converters in these applications.

USB 3.1 Type-C Solutions from TI and WE

The focus for this webinar is to introduce the audience to USB 3.1. It will include details about the new Type C connector and the benefits it brings, along with and an overview of how the USB specification has evolved to offer power levels to 100W and data rates up to 10Gbps – fast enough for even 4K video.

acceed: 24V PoE switch with 8 insulated gigabit ports

PoE switches exist in any given numbers. Nonetheless, you need to look for those with a total power output of 120 W. However, the IGPS-1080-24V-I, which conjures up a full 50 W with a maximum of 30 W ...

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ADLINK Leads Worldwide Computer-on-Modules Development

ADLINK plays a key role in the update of PICMG’s COM Express® 3.0 standard and associated Type 7 pinout. The new pinout design leverages low power, server-grade performance processing and adds 10GbE capabilities to the industry-leading COMe small form factor specification.


Rutronik: new serial interface NAND Flash memory for embedded applications

Rutronik expands its portfolio of memory products for embedded applications with the new line-up of 24nm SLC NAND flash memory products from Toshiba. They are compatible with the widely used Serial Pe...

Axiomtek: COM Express basic type 6 module supporting industrial operating temperature

Axiomtek introduces CEM500, the new COM Express Type 6 basic module based on the 14nm 6th generation Intel Core i7/i5/i3 and Celeron processors with Intel QM170/HM170 chipset. The outstanding Intel Ge...

Making  Factories Agile and Efficient with Vision-Equipped IoT Controllers

Achieving Industry 4.0 requires the connection of cyber-physical systems with the IoT. Find out how a PC-based IoT controller can also run on-machine vision solutions and perform as an IoT gateway to help streamline manufacturing and business processes.

From IoT Vision to Reality - Internet of Things Solutions That Get Results

In evaluating new technologies, businesses look for return on investment (ROI). Discover how the continuing evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT) is leading to solutions delivering tangible results in productivity, efficiency, and revenue generation.

COM Express is heading towards Server-on-Module

With the new revision 3.0 of the most successful Computer-on-Module standard a new pinout Type is added to extend the reach of COM Express to server Type applications. As explained in this White Paper, the new Type 7 trades all audio and video interfaces for four 10G Ethernet ports and a total of 32 PCI Express lanes.

Silicon Labs: USBXpress controller simplifies USB connectivity for Embedded design

Silicon Labs has added a smaller, lower-power member to its family of USBXpress bridge devices, providing a simpler, faster way to add Universal Serial Bus (USB) connectivity to new and legacy embedde...

Rohde & Schwarz and Promate: global strategic framework agreement for display solutions

Rohde & Schwarz and Promate have expressed the mutual interest for a long-term collaboration on an important material group by signing a global framework agreement for the development and delivery...

Mouser: Panasonic PAN1740 BLE experimenter kit now available

Mouser Electronics is now stocking the PAN1740 Experimenter Kit from Panasonic. The PAN1740 Experimenter Kit is a development tool for the Panasonic PAN1740 Series Bluetooth Low Energy module. The PAN...

IEI: marine grade series certified to DNV, IEC 60945 and IACS-E10

The maritime field faces critical environmental challenges, making reliable and rugged systems essential. IEI provides maritime professionals and marine-grade panel PCs, monitors and embedded box that...

Logic Technology: MDK-Professional supports heterogeneous systems

ARM released DS-MDK, the software development solution for heterogeneous systems that combine an ARM Cortex-A based computer system and a Cortex-M microcontroller. DS-MDK is part of the MDK-Profession...

IBASE: EN50155 certified Touch Panel PCs for railway applications

IBASE Technology announce the BYTEM-123-PC and the BYTEM-103-PC, both based on the quad-core Intel Atom processor E3845 and EN50155 certified for railway applications. The 12.1” BYTEM-123-PC and...

MEN: binary I/O for rail applications on CompactPCI Serial

The new 3U CompactPCI Serial board G403 with 16 bidirectional digital I/O channels has been designed specifically for modern railway applications. The new board is suited for many different control fu...

Acromag: AcroPack I/O platform with reconfigurable Xilinx Artix-7 FPGA

Acromag’s new APA7-200 series provides a user-customizable FPGA on an AcroPack mezzanine module. The module plugs into a connector on an AcroPack carrier to add up to 48 TTL or 24 EIA-485/422 I/...

ADLINK: COM Express 3.0 type 7 Computer-on-Module

ADLINK Technology announced its first computer-on-module based on the latest PCI Industrial PICMG COM Express 3.0 specification with new Type 7 pinout, for which ADLINK lead development efforts to bri...

Hyperstone: hyMap firmware supports complete USB Flash controller line-up

Hyperstone has released its latest hyMap firmware supporting the U8 and U9 - industrial USB flash memory controllers. Both controllers target industrial applications such as removable USB flash drives...

Gemalto: cloud data security still a challenge for many companies

Despite the continued importance of cloud computing resources to organizations, companies are not adopting appropriate governance and security measures to protect sensitive data in the cloud. These ar...

Cadence launches Tensilica Fusion G3 DSP

Cadence Design Systems announces the availability of the new Tensilica Fusion G3 digital signal processor, a multi-purpose, high-performance DSP ideal for compute-intensive system-on-chip designs. The...

How to Choose a Standard Embedded Computing Module: SMARC vs Q7 vs COMe

With so many form factors on the market, all available with a range of processors and interfaces, how does one choose the standard that is best for the application at hand? This Webinar will provide a clear understanding of each form factor and will compare the 3 form factors with regard to interfaces, functionality, standardization, future outlook and market coverage.

Powerful COM Express module pushes massive Ethernet throughput into the Embedded Market

The COMe-bBD6 is the most powerful COM Express on the market today.  Please join Kontron Senior Product Manager Georg Vogl as he explains the intricacies of this power packed COM express and describes how best to use the COMe-bBD6 in which applications.

Key decision criteria for selecting tools to develop embedded software

This paper describes the importance of static analysis to delivering quality embedded software as well as the advantages static analysis provides in ensuring embedded applications perform well in production.

Understanding Linear Regulators and Their Key Performance Parameters

This article examines the key performance parameters of LDOs and their impact on delivering clean output voltage to the various devices inside an electronic system.

Win a Blue Gecko Wireless Starter Kit

Mouser Electronics, a worldwide leading authorized distributor of semiconductors and electronic components, is giving away in co-operation with Silicon Labs 10 Blue Gecko Wireless Starter Kits, in...

Reference Design: Isolated IGBT Gate-Drive Fly-Buck Power Supply for Three-Phase Inverters

This Texas Instruments TIDA00199 reference design provides isolated positive and negative voltage rails required for Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) gate drivers from a single 24-volt DC input supply. Utilizing a Fly-Buck™ control topology, this reference design uses a single transformer for generating power rails for all three arms of the 3-phase inverter.

Add connectivity to your Texas Instruments MCU-based IoT solution

The SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3100 module BoosterPack is an add-on board designed to bring Wi-Fi connectivity to the MSP430FR5969 LaunchPad. This bundle includes both of these boards, as well as the Advanced Emulation BoosterPack.

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