February 18, 2016

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Special Issue: embedded world 2016 Preview

embedded world (Feb 23–25,  in Nuremberg)  is the gathering of the embedded community and the shop window for this innovative market. Be it security for electronic systems, distributed intelligence, the Internet of Things or e-mobility and energy efficiency – the embedded world trade fair in Nuremberg enables you to experience the whole world of embedded systems. This newsletter informs about (product) highlights which will be on show next week.

Axiomtek Makes a Smart City with Energy and Transportation Solutions
Transportation and energy are essential and basic infrastructures in countries’ development with its effectiveness and safety, safe and simple operation and service will be a topic for next generation. Axiomtek provides you a brilliant and complete solution to construct a green energy modern city.


UDE 4.6 sets new standards in multi-core debugging and trace 
The new version 4.6 of Universal Debug Engine from PLS Programmierbare Logik & Systeme GmbH simplifies the development for deeply embedded heterogeneous SoC's.It is expanded not only with a number of functions for trace and debugging, but has also added completely new features for test automation. Hall 4, Booth 310

Infineon at the embedded World – Creating sustainable IoT success
This year you will find us again in hall 5, booth 360 along with a raft of live demos, hands-on exhibits and "product to system" highlights all around the IoT. Chat to our experts about your specific challenges and drop into one of our speaker slots about "Securing IoT Devices",  "Functional Safety" or “Cortex”. Check out our complete offering!

Ada Development Environment, Model-Based Development Tool from AdaCore
AdaCore is highlighting new versions of the GNAT Pro Ada Development Environment and the QGen toolset, a qualifiable and customizable code generator from Simulink® and Stateflow® models to SPARK/Ada and MISRA-C. Please visit us in Hall 4, Booth 149

ATP highlights Its Automotive Solutions at the EW2016
ATP, a leading industrial-grade Flash storage and DRAM memory solution provider, will be introducing its comprehensive automotive solutions and the latest SATA III products at the upcoming EW2016 in Nuremberg, Germany from 23rd to 25th February. ATP is located at Hall 1, Booth 655.

USB 3.1 Industrial
Hyperstone introduces a USB 3.1 Flash Drive Controller optimized for demanding industrial embedded applications. It delivers the highest level of reliability, power-fail robustness, data integrity as well as data retention supporting SLC, latest MLC flash and 3D. Samples are available. Hall 1, Booth 301

Upgrated Industrial SSD Solutions and enhanced Data Security Technology
Apacer will present its latest industrial SSD solutions and enhanced Data Security Technology at Embedded World 2016: this includes a selection of high-speed, high-capacity PCIe SSDs designed with the new PCIe SSD Gen 3x4 interface, and a range of SATA 3 SSDs. Further, visitors can explore the newly launched NFC SSD and the exclusive CoreAnalyzer Technology. Hall 1, Booth 505

Wibu-Systems extends protection features to microcontrollers
Wibu-Systems is launching CodeMeter µEmbedded at Embedded World. The solution offers secure firmware updates and licensing features for microcontrollers and joins CodeMeter Runtime for personal and industrial computers, and CodeMeter Embedded for mobile, embedded, and PLC systems. Hall 4, Booth 540

Come & visit PRQA at Embedded World 2016!
Find out how we can help you create more secure and safe code at the earliest stage of the development process! Enter our Developer’s Challenge to win an Apple Watch! Listen to Dr Frank van den Beuken talk “Safety and security, the future for assisted and autonomous driving”, Wednesday, session 22. Hall 4, Booth 138

GrammaTech CodeSonar and Cyber-Security Solutions
Organizations need a better way to develop software capable of operating in the IoT-age. This is where GrammaTech comes in with special services and tools: Use CodeSonar to free your application from critical coding vulnerabilities, eliminating corporate liability and risk. Hall 4, Booth 658

Real-time streaming analytics. Spot the odd one • before it is out.
FlexaWare is a real-time streaming analytics embedded platform, built with hundreds of processor cores that analyze your data extremely fast. It receives large amounts of streaming data in parallel, processes in real-time, and turns data into action. Programming is simple and straightforward. Hall 4, Booth 335

Welcome to visit Axiomtek at Embedded World 2016 in Nuremberg!
Please stop by our booth to have a look at Axiomtek’s most noteworthy technological advances. Be it security for electronic systems, distributed intelligence, the Internet of Things - the Embedded World 2016 allows you to experience the whole world of embedded systems. Hall 1, Booth 221

MSI IPC: Low-power POS, HMI Panel PC, Tablet, and Industrial Boards
Featuring low-power platform, we invite you to see MSI’s MS-9A82 ultra slim POS system, MS-9A80 semi-rugged tablet (terminal), and MS-9A91 15.6” HMI panel PC, all comes with IP65 front panel. You’ll also see fanless boards in various form factors, including Qseven, Pico-ITX, 3.5”, Mini-ITX, and ATX. Hall 1, Booth 304

 IEI shows the leading IoT & Industrial 4.0 solution on the EW 2016!
IEI Integration Corp. is able to provide total solutions for smart factory, smart transport, smart home, smart health and diverse industrial fields. During the Embedded World 2016, you will see a variety of IEI intelligent solutions, latest products, IoT gateways and the live demo of IEI smart city solutions, which is likely to happen in your daily life in the near future. Visit us! Hall 2, Booth 311

Janz: Raspberry Pi 2 in industrially-suited embedded system
The emPC-A/RPI, based on the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, suits industrial needs. Customers receive an inexpensive and very flexibly deployable gateway system, for example for Industry 4.0 applications. The embedded computer in its stable housing has a variety of additional interfaces and outputs such as real-time clock and an opto-decoupled CAN interface. Hall 2, Booth 411

LPKF Presents New PCB Systems
LPKF’s two circuit board plotters ProtoMat E34 and E44 are low-cost systems for the mechanical milling and drilling of circuit boards out of fully coated base substrates. Both systems have been designed for training purposes or occasional use and require only a power outlet and a dust extraction unit for operation. Hall 1, Booth 519

Nuances in ultra-low power designs for wearable products
With the ever-increasing functionality incorporated into the latest wearable devices, power management remains a key innovation area. For every wearable system, ultra-low power design requires a system-level approach with careful consideration of quiescent current and shutdown current to achieve optimal power management architecture.

Not all regulators are created equal
This webinar covers the pros and cons between Non-Synchronous and Synchronous switching regulators and the pros and cons between LDOs and the new family of DC/DC Nano Modules. It will also explore and provide application examples of the common system needs such as solution size, generated noise, efficiency, output capacitor bank selection, and how to select among the available power solutions.

What’s the right security for IoT?
This video will give you a quick introduction on IoT and typical risks that we face with IoT and will talk about the countermeasures or defenses that we can mount to reduce those risks.

White Paper about building a secure Internet of Things
Many developers working in the IoT field are not security experts. These developers need to include security in their products but this security must also meet their domain requirements. That is why experts in security solutions such as Infineon are engaging with the many domains affected by the IoT to ensure that strong and appropriate security is built in from the start.

A converged management framework for constrained IoT devices
The IoT’s fast growth makes managing resource-constrained devices a challenge. Explore a Converged Device Management Framework that runs on Intel® IoT Gateway solutions and provides a single interface to manage devices irrespective of their device management technology.

Robust IoT Server Solution for Offshore Drilling
Not many environments are tougher than an offshore drilling platform. Learn how MEN Mikro’s robust rack housing designs and boards meet the industry’s stringent requirements for protection against shock, vibration, humidity, dust, heat, and power irregularities.

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